Christmas is around the corner and Kipimili has a few guests to help with our festive sale. Come visit our little elves at work.

We are having an end of season sale! Come dig threw our sales box and get your little treasures great clothes at a fantastic price. See you soon 

Our Store

It has taken some time, but our store is finally in perfect condition, come see us at Shop 3, Penzance Corner, Penzance Street, New Redruth.












New Additions

We welcome our new collection of summer dresses, bibs and cameo dungarees – So exciting 


Welcome our new Unicorn collection, we are so excited to be adding these amazing items to our store.

Welcome to the Kipimili family, lovely traditional dresses

Traditional Dress with Headband Bow

Traditional Dress with cute little shorts

Traditional Dress with doek

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